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The XY Oracle Network, also known as XYO Network, is a device collecting and validating geospatial information or information that has geographical components. Location beacons are utilized in conjunction with the internet of things and mobile devices to achieve this. Validating geospatial information is a major part of the protocol. Let’s check the XYO price prediction explained here in detail.
The trustless cryptographic location network provides layered location verification across device classes and protocols. A new cryptographic mechanism called proof of origin and bound witness is combined with blockchain technology and real-world location-based information collection to form XYO Network.
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XYO stands to create trustless, decentralized frameworks or location oracles. XYO cryptocurrency allows developers of the smart contract and blockchain framework to interact with the physical world like an API. The framework tries to provide exact details with the help of a bunch of abstractions. This arrangement of abstractions reduced the risks of location spoofing through a chain of zero-knowledge proofs.

The community of XYO cryptocurrency was established in 2017. XY Labs is the group behind the XY network. The developers plan to educate the world about the advantages of an incentive-driven geospatial location network.

Features of XYO.
XYO can enable users to launch into a protocol of connected devices which provides accurate location information with the help of a chain of the cryptographic protocol. Users can initiate transactions called ‘Queries.’ Queries are utilized for recouping location information from any blockchain with smart contract functionality.

Aggregators will address the queries, find the best suitable answers from the decentralized device set, and feed this back to the smart contract. Framework components locate the object at a specific XY coordinate at a given time with almost certainty.
Overview of XYO Token.
XYO is the native cryptocurrency of the XY network. This network is governed by its native virtual currency. It is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. XYO coin provides shared incentives in every phase of accurate material collection. It very well may be regarded as need might have arisen to interface with the real world to verify XY coordinates. Users need to hold sufficient XYO tokens to put a query in the network.

A portion of the gas expense will be paid to all components involved

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