XCAD Network Token 100x 200x Potential Crypto Price Prediction Best Cryptos to Buy 2022

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XCAD Network is among the few IDO’s of 2021 that are still significantly up from their IDO price. The darling of the Zilliqua blockchain network goes cross-chain to Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Blockchain and more – XCAD Network is attempting to revolutionize the engagements between the YouTube content creators, their fans and create a new sophisticated and optimized economy between the Creators and their Fans.
It is among the most ambiguous projects in the Crypto and Blockchain Industry, and hence it may provide to its investors among the biggest upsides in the next Crypto Bull Runs, if the Network does grow and created a whole new digital Web 3 Economy.
Today we’ll make a comprehensive Technical Analysis of XCAD Network at their past price behavior, present and anticipate a Crypto Price Prediction for the XCAD Network Token.
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0:00-0:50 – XCAD Network, next Crypto King of Social Tokens?
0:50-1:50 – Brief fundamental overview of Crypto Token, XCAD Network
1:50-3:58 – What will happen with XCAD Network if Crypto Bear Market Bottom is in
3:58-6:45 – XCAD Network Token Technical support and resistance levels
6:45-9:36 – Mindset to weather the Crypto Storm with XCAD Network
9:36-11:54 – Major price targets for XCAD Network if Crypto will have a lower low
11:54-13:22 – Comparison of XCAD the Social Tokens King to the Smart Contracts Kings of Crypto
13:22-14:26 – Why Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) are good comparisons to XCAD Network
14:26-18:56 – XCAD Network in 2022 comparison to Ethereum in 2016
18:56-21:57 – XCAD Network comparison to Binance Coin (BNB)
21:57-25:16 – Summary of XCAD Network Token in September 2022

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  1. Thanks a lot for this video. I didn't know about the XCAD project. I'm going to study and put it in my portfolio. The Block token is already in the portfolio and I am very bullish for the next Crypto Bull Runs.

  2. Appreciate bro this analysis, i already had invest in XCAD some time ago, but now i'll add more because all potential to grow in the middle of crazy world of YouTube that already is massified. Something between 50 or 100$ is possible next bull 🙏

  3. Excellent content, this is my second week at Web3 I'm fascinated, it's a great analysis, promising future, I'm seeing social tokens as the great definition of the future, the project I started and I've been working the most is the #Block$ of #BLOCKASSET studying the project in depth, I came to the conclusion that with everything they are delivering and all the proposals for the future, I believe that Block$ can reach 10 dollars easily in the next few years, and reaching this value even before an eventual Bullrun, there will be no limits to how far this Token can go!!! Thank you for bringing me this XCAD Token, it will be another Token that I will keep an eye on!

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