What Will The Bitcoin Price Be In 2024 & 2025? (Amazing Prediction Formula)

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Analysis 1:26-4:58
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  1. Luckily I earn on Crypton cryptocurrency and the collapse of the cryptocurrency market did not affect me, as well Crypton profitable to mine in the ecosystem Utopia p2p.

  2. How would you know it has bottomed. If the price is above 15.6k come q1 2023 would you say the bottom for this cycle is 15.6k?

  3. I know its not a prediction but you have the balls to start talking numbers. I'm sick of crypto TA's with predictions of "might go up, might go down".

    Do you think black swan events can harm the growth of future cycles by creating artificial lows? E.g. was this cycle cut short because of the covid crash, or do you think it ultimately didn't make much difference.

  4. I think it obeys bubble pop pattern similar to amazon (by the time it started).. so it would be lower than 10k, just my 2 cents

  5. We are simply in a super bubble, the whole market (including bitcoin) is going way lower through 2023 and maybe into 2024, bitcoin will get at least to 7k

  6. Love the analysis. One worry though, the diminishing effect on the drops is way less. So after one or two more cycles the price will drop more than it will rise. What are your thoughts on this?

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