What is VeChain VET Price Prediction

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βœ… BYBIT #1 Exchange to buy Bitcoin, Kadena
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0:00 What is VeChain.
1:00 Vechain Cryptocurrency Explained.
2:45 What makes Vechain Unique?
4:00 Vechain Tokenomics.
5:20 Vechain Partnerships.
8:00 The Worst thing Crypto Could be Used For.
10:45 Richard Brand Roast Prime Minister.
13:05 Should I buy Vechain?
14:38 Vechain Price Prediction.
15:05 VET Price Prediction 2023.
15:25 Vechain Price Prediction 2025.
16:28 Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025.

List of VeChain Partnerships

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  1. Can you imagine a world where Bitcoin is worth 2.5 million and Vechain is stuck at 15 cents? You don’t like the project, understandable, but there performance has mimicked other top 30 altcoins. Not underperformed either, it’s ranking has stayed the same even with the Luna’s of the world go to 0. Vechain been around since 2015 and will be here in the next cycle too

  2. Man, you make great videos but in terms of projects, how about focusing on adoption. The day of the great white paper has long gone.

  3. Vechain went from less then .01 to 28 cents last bull run of 2020 Do the math on that bub. People made millions

  4. The thing about the Chinese citizens that think being controlled is fine is that for several decades China has fed off the West’s capitalist system and developed a nice affluent middle class. But that is changing, the current leadership is changing course. And in the West, it is also changing, with left wing/globalist forces also rejecting capitalism. So an economic storm is coming, and what to China’s citizens might seem tolerable when they can put food on the table might not be so tolerable when the Chinese Communist Party uses their tools of control on the poverty-stricken, as they were through the second half of last century. I think the Chinese people have been lulled into a false sense of security.

  5. No one knows what the price of 1 BTC or any altcoin will be in 2027. But 2.5M for 1 BTC will not be reached. That's certain. πŸ˜‚

    And to all the other guys. Pls do your own research about VET or any other project you want to invest and stop listening to a random guy on YT who tells you which coin is good or not. Thanks.

  6. I'm predicting before I watch that vcs have alot of the coins and its trash all we should buy is kadena that's all we need lol sorry I had too maybe this dude is right who knows

  7. it doesnt make any sense that a decent altcoin would double in the time it takes for bitcoin to multiply by 156. simply not supported by history. if bitcoin goes up by 10x vechain will probably do at least 20x

  8. Nice video, opened up my eyes on Vechain. It looks like its part of next CBDC agenda.

    I do have few VET scartch cards though! πŸ˜‚

  9. All you seem to do is give a negative review of any coin that's not btc or kda. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Pretty lame reviews tbh.

  10. Hell yeah great break down brother, Layer 1 break downs is 1 of if not the best series in crypto right now people need to know what they're getting into in an easy-to-understand way so there not blinding by something shiney and shilly…

  11. Wow, I’m sorry, I don’t think VET is gonna make. I think they got left in the dust. Newer projects came out doing the same if not better. Vet is dead. Move on

  12. If you did a top ten best crypto currency’s and top ten worst crypto currency that would be cool to see

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