What is Kaspa KAS Price Prediction

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βœ… BYBIT #1 Exchange to buy Bitcoin, Kadena
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0:00 What is Kaspa.
0:30 Kaspa Cryptocurrency Explained.
2:45 What influences are Promoting Kaspa.
5:00 Kaspa Crypto Github.
6:30 Kaspa Smart Contracts Blocktimes.
7:00 Kaspa Price Prediction?
8:00 Bitcoin Price Prediction.

KASPA RICH LIST 120K wallets?

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  1. Bro u have no idea what ure talking abt… im a gpu miner and i have most of my rigs on Kaspa cuz it is the new Bitcoin we mine and hodl so the price will moon … after the eth merge a lot of smart miners r doing the same… i dont follow kaspa twitter… did u count my wallet? this is why u dont listen to youtubers for financial advice

  2. one issue i have is with one of kaspa's discord contributing members… he likes fluffy porn and loves to share it on the discord page

  3. You said you wanted answers about all your questions about GitHub, and all the technical details of Kaspa, which you said any competent team should be able to do. So why then did you block our leading KAS researcher PhD candidate and coauthor of the GHOSTDAG paper, Shai Wyborski’s megathread answering everything you misled your following about in excruciating detail? He took the time and effort to answer everything, yet you block him? Not a good look. He has much better things to devote his time to rather than responding to I’ll informed videos. I regret typing all that cause this video isn’t worth responding to. I wasted 5 mins of my time watching this. Also Shai wasted his time trying to educate you. Good luck sir.

  4. FYI….Another piece of Kaspa news. Osprey is making 14 gigahash asic miners for Kaspa now. This will take the network to the next level.

    1 The network will get more efficient and more powerful and faster.
    2 Larger miners will start mining Kaspa (more then they are now)
    3 Institutional mining companies bring much more attention and money into a network once they start mining it.

    I’ll keep adding more detailed information as it comes up

  5. It's not the right github and you didn't understand that the adresses change always for a same wallet… Your video start wrong

  6. To be Honest .
    I got no Idea how you could complain that much about the Kaspa Projrct and you just Ignore KDA and Flux
    Ofcours the points you mentioned are so important and I agree with some
    But why you ignore that Flux . Kda are among the worst Crypto at the moment

  7. dude you are no longer credible because of this video inform yourself before and otherwise do as real youtubeurs who master their subjects are watching us.

  8. You are not well-intentioned. Because, does a person take a video to scribble? I would understand if you promoted a coin, but I see that it is a negative effort.

  9. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." _Francis Chan

  10. Can you proof matematically that kaspa cannot do under second block time? because it was published already as a PhD work.
    Do your reasearch before making embarassing videos

  11. Okay…. I love your presentation and you are well spoken…. You deliver your info in a way that's easy to understand .
    But… You do know that Kaspa is a new coin right? So it seems that if they come through with the smart contracts and mostly everything else, then this coin has HUGE "POTENTIAL" . and really that's all anybody can hope for in the crypto world with a new coin or even an established one.
    As for the wallets… please make another video to clarify that whenever you send Kaspa from an exchange to your wallet…. it generates a new address. So one person may have MANY addresses in his ONE wallet.
    You got 2 new subs with me and my other phone. I would love to hear more from you in the future on KASPA or other coins/tokens.

  12. Wow Ryan. Lost a lot of respect for you here. And seeing how you're behaving in the comments is beyond disappointing. It would serve you well to focus on maturing yourself. Unsubbed

  13. "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." —Anonymous

  14. You are doing great detective work big time on all of these, keep up the good work. Thanks for the shout out !! πŸ™‚

  15. Dang btc caused coins to go down 30% or higher, kaspa loss 3%. So glad i sold my btc into kaspa, great project…ps get better in researching bro, your going to give yourself a bad name, yoir literally shitting on an game changer project…lawl

  16. Wow, that a big misunderstood. I have wallet with multiple addresses, it a privacy issue. on the kdx you are generating a new address after every time you receive new kas! About Kas there is a rewrite to rust , you looked at the wrong place… please do a better homework. There is an open zoom meeting of dev team, it open to everyone. If you want I can connect you to the dev team, in one condition, in case that you understand that you are wrong please do a fix clip.

  17. πŸ˜‚ thanks for the free publicity for KAS! Because of your obvious false information, people will look more deeply into Kaspa and will actually see what’s up. Don’t be salty about your Kadena disaster. We welcome you in the community. No need to lie 😊 oh and you’re probably gonna lose a bit of followers once they realize you’re posting nonsense and fud about an actually amazing project with insane potential. Again thanks for the promo

  18. Thanks for this Ryan. Wow, I feel stupid asking you to look into this. The flaws are so glaringly obvious. I should have done the research before I asked you to waste your time on this garbage! πŸ˜”

  19. Im not invested in kasp i watched your quant video and it was full of inconsistencies mate trust me i know everything about qnt and it was really sad to see that you made that video with false information Ryan try to do videos that you believe in instead of videos that you don't believe in its like your going out your way to hurt these projects with information that isent always correct.I really believe in qnt gilbert verdian I hokd 317 qnt sold all my etherum and it makes me happy watching and learning about it knowing that I will have money I can retire on that's what crypto should be about not constant videos of projects you think will fail yes now and again but as I said in my last comment it really does show in your behaviour and videos that something is really wrong mate constant NEGITIVE fud and replying to comments that don't agree with you with hate or being snotty you never used to be like that I used to watch your kda videos all the time but then relised its going nowhere and I sold at a loss because I knew what was going to happen I don't know if this is the reason why because you did have alot invested in kda and your not doing live chat or any kda videos anymore but as I say in my previous comment look how far you come the money your earned compared to the majority of the world no food 2usd a day no car no holiday just working for food and to pay for rent in a concrete bunker with 5 kids cramped up try to look at life like that mate or watch some documentary about it it will open your eyes how greedy the west have been taking advantage of them for hundreds of years guys like me and you have benefited from it because we could never make this money if we lived in their country sp chin up mate enough with the snotty reply and start doing videos in projects your excited about like you were with kda you will be alot happier I think your a really intelligent know alot more then me in the overall crypto sector but like I say something changed with you brother tell your veiwers if you think something is really bad but make sure you have the right information and try to do more positive videos things your excited about

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