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VVS Finance is determined to make the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry more welcoming to newcomers with its ecosystem of accessible products.

The VVS cryptocurrency is integral to this through an incentivisation scheme. Yet investors appear to be hesitant as the token was down 96% from its all-time high in November, on 12 September.
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Then again, VVS is up 2% over the past week as it announced plans for a boosted liquidity farm, which would offer higher staking rates for investors.

What is VVS Finance?
The world of DeFi has flourished over the past year, with new blockchains, ecosystems and protocols being designed to give individuals financial autonomy.

However, the VVS Finance platform claims that the business is intimidating to newcomers, whether that is the unfamiliar user interfaces or complex terminologies.

As an acronym for “very simple finance”, VVS Finance wants to make DeFi more accessible with its low fees and high transaction speeds. It chose the Cronos (CRO) blockchain to achieve this.

Since launching in 2021, it has already developed an ecosystem of products. Bling Swap gives investors the opportunity to trade tokens with the efficiency benefits of the VVS Finance protocol. Meanwhile, Crystal Farms is a product for users to stake their assets and earn rewards.

The VVS staking cryptocurrency
The DeFi platform is looking to make a mark with its VVS token, which is powering its “comprehensive and rewarding incentive program”. There is a range of opportunities to earn the coin.

Liquidity providers, those staking their tokens in the Crystal Farms product, will earn 66% of all swap fees on the platform. Investors can then stake their VVS tokens to earn even more of the cryptocurrency through its Glitter Mine. According to its litepaper:

“To sustain rewards for the contributors and users of VVS Finance, a significant portion of the VVS supply is earmarked for future community initiatives.”
VVS past performance
The VVS token launched at the end of 2021 with it going live on 22 November with an opening price of a little over $0.0001. It saw an initial rise and reached its all-time high of $0.0001549 two days later.

However, the cryptocurrency before long fell victim to the bear market and closed the month at $0.00012.

It saw a slight rise in December after a flurry of announcements, including a trading battle between the CRO and bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies. On 24 December, it revealed ENJ and LINK were being listed on the protocol. The same day VVS peaked at $0.00007.

VVS eventually continued its downward trajectory, dropping to the $0.00002 mark in January 2022.

The cryptocurrency encountered a slight rally in February as the Cronos blockchain surpassed $2bn in total value locked (TVL). VVS Finance was also announced as the leading project on its ecosystem.
After reaching a high of $0.000043 on 10 February, VVS corrected and closed the month at $0.00003.

The crypto crash of 2022, which dramatically impacted the DeFi business, drove difficulties for the VVS token. It fell below the key $0.00001 barrier in May and to a low of $0.0000049 on 18 June.

At the time of composing, on 12 September, it had recovered slightly and was trading at $0.000006. It was up around 2


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