Terra Luna classic (lunc) price prediction | crypto telugu

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Terra Luna classic (lunc) price prediction | crypto telugu

In this video i’ll explain about crypto market and Terra Luna classic (LUNC) Price prediction and about it’s burn mechanism which will help in growing it’s market cap in coming days.

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  1. Tq bro for your valuable information… Nenu mi videos chusi crypto ni buy chedam start chesa bro…but luna ni binance lo ela buy cheyalo oka video cheyandi bro pls memu telusukuntam idi chalamandi request ..

  2. Bro binance nundi trust wallet ki lunc coin ni ela transfer cheyali, trust wallet lo no memo required antundi but binance lo withdrawal lo memo required antundi. Oka short video cheyandi bro

  3. In my case, I brought USDT using INR(Fiat). Since there is no coin pair for LUNC/USDT….I bought BUSD using USDT….and finally bought LUNC with BUSD.

  4. For everyone, terra Luna classic is called LUNC…. do not confuse yourself with LUNA which is a latest one terra 2.0……you have to buy LUNC.

  5. I also did buy LUNC for Rs1000/- …when you exit in next few months, please mention in your future videos. It will be helpful. Your binance step by step tutorial was very handy reference. Thanks 🙏👍🏼

  6. 2024 may bitcoin coin mining Vallaki reward 3.15 avutahdhi,so manam hold cheyste future 2025 ki manchi returns ravachu bro,kanii bitcoin value epudu taggutahdaa?

  7. Hi bro oka small dought …Old luna 7000 unnapudu kunnanu ala ala tagutunte kontu vacha…My total investment 80k chesanu …Avi enka rava potenatena plz chepandi bro.

  8. Bro miru scoogle lo oka ammai adigithey zero avuthadhi annara… Terralluna classic… After ur words it pumped 200%

  9. This is the first shortest video I guess which you are talking very fast without breaks. Keep it up bro
    Thanks for the info
    On which exchange it is available ji ?

  10. నమస్కారములు మంచి వీడియోలు పెడుతున్నారూ చాలా బాగున్నాయ్ మీ ద్వారా నాకూ క్రిప్టో మీద ఆశ వస్తుంది👌🙏👑🙏🙏

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