Terra Luna Classic LUNC Crypto Price Prediction | Bearish and Bullish Outcome

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Terra Luna Classic has slowed down a little bit over the last few trading days. What could potentially happen next? We look at some technical analysis here. This is NOT financial advice.

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Blockchain is becoming hugely popular and adopted globally, little by little. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is being spoken about in small cafes and pubs, and when your own mother even talks about blockchain you know it is becoming too mainstream! Cryptocurrency and its digital scarcity and utility is proving to be a strong hedge against inflation and one of the strongest commodities today in terms of real growth. I just love the diversity of cryptocurrency, NFT’s, the Defi space and of course Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and other blue chip tokens 🙂

These projects in particular have huge scope for growth in the future and we still have a relatively low market capital in contrast to gold and the s&p500.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice

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  1. I like your statement that it is "Very very important to understand what exactly what is going on", yet your reading through some text that is basically telling you that they are not doing anything, the tax is only happening on-chain and they state that they are essentially not getting involved. That is, apart from the sweep fee, which has nothing to do with LUNC's burn tax.

  2. If your using any exchange that is charging you a sweep free your a dumb, that fee is going in the exchanges pocket and your getting taxed twice for it plus your going to get hit for the 1.2% burn tax for buy and sell, so you getting hit 1.2% to buy, then a sweep fee of 1.2% for them to put your tokens in their hot wallet, then when you sell, they sweep it out of their hot wallet 1.2% and then the 1.2% sell fee, stay off and site that is charging you anything that is compared a sweep fee……

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