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  1. Im not a luna expert so i need to ask this: has this exploit been fixed? is terra classic now considered to be a safe coin again?

  2. I've 3X my investment. I bought at the exact bottom. I know the future
    . $331.00 per coin LUNC
    Half a penny by December 2022
    One cent by mid 2023
    $1.00 2025
    $10.00 2025
    $331.00 2026
    Then it will be #2 under Bitcoin
    And will then become the new currency worldwide. and it will then return to a $1.00 stable coin to be used as the new world currency on earth and shown in the sky; that glowing orb in the night sky. No more Presidents on money. They'll have you worshipping the moon. ( Moloch )

  3. 🎊 #LUNC If you’re reading this you are going to be a millionaire soon! HOLD STRONG! We Got this People 💪🏼🙌

  4. Terra Luna Classic price prediction July 2023: Terra Luna Classic's price for July 2023 according to our analysis should range between $148.654 to $171.032 and the average price of LUNC should be around

  5. In a matter of fact we have achieved 10 cents if a group of whales accumulate short or weak sellers at this point until the supply reach to 10 billion we are already above the 10 cents mark.

  6. With the current supply, max it could reach is $0.006 to match previous market cap, and whilst i dont think we will reach that market cap yet, I do suspect that with the burn being implemented we will reach maybe half, however the supply will also reduce. Depending on how much we burn by the next true crypto bull run, my best guestimate is around $0.65 tops. However, if USTC gets repegged during this time, then I do suspect we will hit a lot higher, but again, this does very much depend on how much of the supply is burned and unfortunately, as time goes on, the burn is going to get less and less and there will be a point where burning will literally stop

  7. Awesome Bro, Brilliant performance Terra Luna Classic, It has beaten down Celo , 1inch, Shynthatix, with 100 million more LUNC will beat The Graph.

  8. Вас найобують! Ні суда,ні следствия, над засновником. Ніхто вам не дасть стати багатим! Ще один кит,щоб ринок против??!

  9. LUNC should be celebrated. It has an amazing community and amazing things are already happening with only more good things to come. Such a exciting experience for crypto right now!

  10. LUNATICS YOU NEED TO VOTE ON PROPOSAL 4342! Log into Terra Station, Select Governance, Select Vote, Select the Show All slider and vote on proposal 4342

  11. .10 is very realistic going to be the biggest comeback in crypto history now that the lunatics have control

  12. Despite the economic downturn, I'm happy ☺️. I have been earning $60,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

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