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Everything on this channel is not financial advice so all the viewers must take his information with a grain of salt and do their own research. Cryptocurrencies are super volatile and risky so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in these markets. Crypto ZX is not responsible for your investment gains or losses.

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  1. It's quite frustrating to see my crypto dropping repeatedly over the past few months. Any ideas on how I could increase my profits in this market?

  2. I think this inflation has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

  3. Getting rich on crypto is much tougher it seems . I keep losing money while trading with these youtube videos , and finding a trustworthy professional trader to help out with these trades also appears to be nearly impossible . This is extremely annoying

  4. Yeah, I remember this project since 2017/2018 and it has been dead for years. So this is DEFINITELY manipulation of some sort. If you don't already have it, I wouldn't recommend touching it right now. If you had it for years, then I guess this could be your happy exit. Otherwise, better stay away. NFA. DYOR

  5. < I love the grounded reality of this channel, its normal to see so many investors panic amid a worsening bearish market but it is also important to note that the market situation is nothing new in the crypto world. Several factors are driving negative sentiment in the stock and crypto markets right now including inflation, a shaky stock market, rising interest rates, and recession fears. As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly from its all-time high, breaking below several key technical levels. As a crypto investor, the current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you accumulate the current crypto storm in few weeks of implementing trading with accurate signals from a renowned trader Jim Detterick I have been able to accumulate over 10.5btc despite the current state of the market.

  6. Come on people, I've been watching this small number since May.
    You could always see something was going on in the background, there was some small jumps up to $1.50 🇦🇺 dollars, but beware….. this might drop within the next 24 to 48 hours.
    I've sold out all ready, I bought in at $0.09c 🇦🇺 🤑
    Two other top watch is QLC 😉 NEBL 🤔

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