Price Prediction: Cardano, Cronos, Fantom & Ethereum – These Altcoins Will Do GREAT In The Bullrun!

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In the bullmarket you should not be looking for altcoins, you should be looking to sell your altcoins. Now that we are in a bearmarket around the bottom, you should be looking for the best altcoins to buy in 2022. Because most altcoins are FAR from their all time high and if the projects are good, you should see it as an opportunity. So if you are, like me, convinced that Bitcoin will make new all time highs, like it does in every cycle, than you know that good quality altcoins will do very good as well. Therefore I would love to give my price prediction on FTM, ADA, CRO and ETH. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below!

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0:00 Be there before the bullrun
0:51 Ada, Cro, FTM & ETH price prediction
1:42 Cardano (ADA) price prediction
9:48 Cronos (CRO) price prediction
14:42 Fantom (FTM) price prediction
22:33 Ethereum price prediction

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  1. Good projects, but I like privacy, I do not like it when someone can see my photos or correspondence. So I use Utopia p2p, a decentralized ecosystem for work and communication. Communication in it is absolutely confidential.

  2. Yo Menno can you do a price prediction for XRP Please becasue they have a lawsuit so im very curious what you think about it (I comment in english for your audience)

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