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Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of As one of the first projects to get involved with the mobile crypto mining craze, many investors are looking for a Pi coin price prediction to see whether the token is worth mining. Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at the current price of Pi coin, the Pi coin future price, and discussing whether Pi is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now. Let’s get started. For investors simply looking for a brief rundown of the potential price of Pi Coin, we’ve summarized each year below. When it comes to looking at how Pi Coin has performed historically, the waters can get a little muddied. As the network’s mainnet still remains yet to be launched, there’s previous price data to go on. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be shooting blind. There’s still plenty of information we can gather from how the project has been operating over the past year. Firstly, as Pi Coin operates a bit differently from traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s worth taking a second to understand how Pi Coin works. The idea of the Pi Network was to allow people to mine crypto directly from a smartphone. With Pi gaining over 30 million users at its peak, this concept was clearly a smash hit. Rather than joining the ranks of the best upcoming ICOs, Pi Coin has instead opted to allow users to mine coins on the testnet which will then be transferred across to the mainnet once it launches. By taking this approach, the Pi Coin team has managed to create a strong and loyal community that has a vested interest in the success of the project. In order to provide its earliest supporters with the best value, the Pi Team choose to incrementally half the mining rewards for users as certain milestones were achieved. This initially took place when Pi Coin surpassed 100,000 users, then again, at 1 million, once more at 10 million users joined the network, and there will ┬ábe a final halving at the 100 million user milestone. In contrast to assets like Bitcoin which feature a fixed supply, the Pi network uses a system that allocates coins based on user count. So for each user (up to 100 million users), a number of coins are pre-minted that can then be mined by the user over their lifecycle. While there isn’t any Pi Coin price history, the release of the mainnet is expected at some time in the later half of 2022 which is when we’ll be able to buy/sell Pi and see how this new cryptocurrency performs on the open market. Before we delve into our Pi Coin price prediction for 2022, it’s first important to understand that our estimate of the price of Pi Coin will be assuming that the mainnet does go live as expected in 2022. If something delays the process, Pi will remain unpurchaseable.

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