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ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE TO – GET RICH WITH CRYPTO – ETHEREUM PRICE PREDICTION 2025 UPDATED! Millionaires will be made through this next crypto bull run. This is my opinion on how generational wealth will be created with the Ethereum price prediction 2025 that sees it going to $10,000 to $30,000. Time will tell is the Ethereum price will hit that, but I am putting my money where my mouth is.

I consider this one the best chances for my portfolio to create generational wealth. With crypto down 70-90% and even more at times, this could be one of the last chances at creating major wealth.

The bitcoin news today and the Bitcoin price prediction is always a hot topic. We will see how the crypto news today plays into it. If you need to know how to make money or how to get rick, then you will love this video. I go over the best crypto to buy now and the top cryptos for my portfolio.

I go over the stock market and talk about how I see 2022 playing out and how I will be investing into it. Will we see another official correction in the S&P 500 or will it turn into an official bear market of 20% or more loss? I go over my opinion on this and the stocks I just bought. We saw a ton of red in the stock market today from what I believe is partly because of the Fed.

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  1. Fully staked. I am still down a good 50% but adding on a regular basis. Avg my way down. I believe ETH will be pretty important in a few years. Until then, keep adding who knows. 2025 12K -15K price target

  2. Saying hello from Sarnia Ontario Canada 🇨🇦. Love your content moe. I’ve learned a lot about investing because of you. Keep it going man💯💯

  3. I'll give you guys the best price prediction. Work hard- buy weekly ETH or Biweekly–keep buying for 10 years and you'll be a happy soul. I'll see you all in 2035

  4. Kadena will replace Eith in few years. KDA is the sleeping Giant. KDA is the fastest L1 high-tech PoW Zero Gas-fee chain with 100X potential 👍🚀💯⭐️

  5. Saying hi from San Antonio, TX. I'm heavily invested with ETH, sitting at 100 bags and staking. Waiting for my time to be a millionaire. Thank you for your content.

  6. Hey Moe, what's up ? I've got a question for you . Should I sell my ethereum in my Webull account and transfer it to Coinbase and stake it. Would that be a better plan of action

  7. Hey Stock Moe, I might need to reevaluate my crypto percentage. I got a balance it with my stock portfolio

  8. 40% Eth, 25% BTC, 20% TSLA 10% SOL, 5% Misc Other
    Not interested is being conservative but I also have great mo income, would not be difficult to rebuild if needed.

  9. Not everyone can afford ETH so what other cryptos would be good to get into that could benefit from this merger?

  10. I bought one share of Ethereum while it was down. I may buy more but I don't want to buy green. So who knows. We'll see.

  11. Alex B believes Etherium will get to 4k and then drop. Eventually go back up. I am selling at 4k. Buy back in lower price. Not getting fooled again.

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