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In this video, I go over Hedera Hashgraph (Hbar) and the potential this crypto has as a long term investment.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Like this comment if you invested into Hbar. Comment down below where you see its price by the end of the next bull cycle!

  2. How many trees have been cut and how much nonrenewable energy does it take to get a usd in your hand? Oh and they have added the little plastic strip

  3. hbar will have 100k tps per shard, dig deeper, you are still very surface. Check out Hidden Forces podcast on Hedera, 3-4 years ago.

  4. Hbar is the future of the internet. They are involved in every aspect including Metaverse, NFT's, ledger technology, Defi etc. This project is going to dominate!!!!!!!

  5. Hbar with sharding, which is on the roadmap, will reach unlimited tps. Other than that, most secure, most green, and when adoption becomes the norm, I don’t think anyone can accurately predict a price. Yes, it won’t be $100 ever, but long term definitely double digits…is that $12 or $55 I don’t think anyone knows. But I’ll be along foe the ride

  6. Why would people keep using something that consumes so much energy and is so expensive? Bitcoin is old tech

  7. You can just call it Hedera now, they dropped the Hashgraph from the overall name, but the hashgraph is still there, as the tech behind it all.

  8. Get about 10k coins. Worst case u get 4x by September. Best case 10x minimum by 2024. Don't buy now buy the august 26ish dip

  9. HBAR is the new crypto going to take over the world, my company I work for only are going to only accept HBAR and £. We stopped bitcoin because there system is to slow for our Cooperation. If I was you I'll get rid of all bitcoin and alt coins.

  10. Could you look into and cover WOO network token? I think it's gonna do same as BNB but I have no clue where to buy it.

  11. Finally started investing in Hbar a few weeks ago now that I feel I have enough Quant. Aiming for 20,000 to hold for 2-3 years

  12. Kevin oleary invests in hbar. That alone is huge! I like that chainlink is involved! hbar and elrond are my next cryptos

  13. IOTA 2.8Billion Max Supply
    DAG 3.7B
    HBAR 50B
    Must have Directed Acyclic Graphs
    If blockchain is 3G/4G these are 5G

  14. The all-time high for HBAR is just under .57 cents USD. And I’m confused on why you believe that HBAR will never achieve a 300b+ market cap, similar to ETH, when it’s currently providing the exact service that ETH is. While currently working with enterprises and allowing developers the speed, security and reliable fees that ETH currently does not provide.

  15. I have extensively researched this project for two years John , I am heavily invested into it. Can I suggest the Mike Maloney documentary on YouTube called From Bitcoin to Hedera Hashgraph. Quant and HBAR 💰

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