ENS Ethereum Name Service coin price prediction ens listed on Coin dcx | ENS coin news today crypto

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ENS Ethereum Name Service coin price prediction ens listed on Coin dcx | ENS coin news today crypto


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  1. After buying ENS coin 🪙 what will you predict return after 1 yr, 2 yrs or 5yrs & how much amount of coin will take in 2026 for long term investment in this coin?

    Please reply as per your analysis

  2. Ye November me binance pe aaya tha 43 dollar se open hokar 120 dollar gaya tha.. Phir tab se down hi rehta hai zyadatar.. Abhi 13.75 dollar pe hai, bas 1100 INR pe

  3. Ye ispe kal hi aaya is liye aisa dikh raha hai .. Jabke binance pe 4 August me is rate se bhi zyada tha 18.23 dollars mean 1450 Indian rupees tha

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  9. Ye to aj ki listing ki wjh se show kr rhe..but ye btaeye ap iske phle jb coin dcx pe list nhi hua tha tb kitni price thi??

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