Crypto Update – Gox, JP Crash, ETH Price and more

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00:19 The Story
00:40 Everything but Cosmos Beating Bitcoin
01:11 BTC Increasing Dormancy – 2 Yr +
01:49 Buyers vs Sellers….
02:46 Bitcoin Supply in Profit – Lowest Since Jul 18
03:17 Mt Gox Rumors Panic Twitter
04:58 Mt Gox Wallets Still Dormant
05:14 Old Adage – Don’t Fight the Fed
06:01 Rosenberg on the Fed
06:46 JP Smashes the Markets
07:00 Soft Landing (Ha!)…Crash Landing
07:23 Jeremy Siegel “Go Slow NOW!”
07:47 JP Jawboning or Bring Financial Armageddon?
08:04 Truth – Inflation is a Monetary Phenomenon
08:26 SPX Result
09:23 Volume Rising Esp for Bitcoin
10:01 ETH Rising Price While Network Growth Falls
10:45 Meanwhile SOL Cumulative Fee Payers Grows
11:17 ADA Vasil Now Set for Sept – Steal ETH Thunder?
12:02 Tesla vs Nasdaq +20% -20% YTD
12:53 The Taliban Regime Boosted Crypto Adoption


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  1. I've never heard or seen any of his clients complain of lost….I think he's just too good. I doubted it too not before I gave my first trial…and it was of no regret

  2. Not a bad cryptocurrency update, still will now be more stable to mine Crypton cryptocurrency in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  3. Well, if we consider the metrics used until 1980 to measure inflation, the US would already have hit 20% yearly inflation rate. It's just convenient to change the calculations, don't you think it too? So, a recession is already ongoing and I'm just waiting for deeper deeps. So… prepare your crypto shopping cart, everyone But day-trading with Antonio Carlson Crypto TA has been the best for me.. Wish you a good week, friend!

  4. eth growth will slow, all the new devs dont look to work on eth. Near outpacing SOL for new devs onboarding while closing gap to DOT. which SOL never achieved

  5. NFT Worlds hired the creator of the Google Play store to design their UI, in game marketplace. Get ready to launch!

  6. how about proof of donations for a change? isn´t crypto all about being trustless? and you expect your patreon subscribers to trust the words of a total stranger regarding those donations? according to your patreon side you should be donating north of 40 thousand dollars every single month and as far as i´m aware you never showed a single proof of donations.

  7. I rarely check the market or watch videos these days. It feels really good and healthy. I’m holding my bitcoin until after the 2024 halving. The bull run will be in 2025. No reason to stress day yo day. I hope everyone is having a good day. See you in 3 years for the magic multiplier.

  8. What happened with Volker you say? What happened was that inflation was quelled and the stage was set for a tremendous bull market. Or you can look to Japan to see the 180* policy of kickintg the can down the road. PS. Recession are needed,, needed for a healthy ecosystem. Think long term James.

  9. Just HODL and be patient people!! The next bull run will be so amazing and unique with LARGE money now in the space. It will pay off. ✊️

  10. In my humble opinion this is a planned recession. Gouverments all over the world taking this direction. JP wll run it in the wall

  11. James, why is BTC not a hedge against inflation (original use case/digital gold) and is behaving like a "risk on" high beta asset. Thank you😊

  12. Great content James! Appreciate you taking the time. I’m not part of the 45% but at this point I’m just barely in the black! But I’m not DCAing BTC for today. As you know!

    None of what is going on surprises me.

    Don’t bet on the fed being “smart”. But, being in my mid 70’s has to mean something right? Time will tell!

    Keep up the good work and I’ll continue to subscribe & share!

    Faithful friend in making the world a better place!!

    I’m just sayin..

  13. James you seem to be one of the more credible crypto researchers on you tube. Thanks for the informative content. I especially liked the way you dissected The Graph (2021). What do you think about the graph now as it’s price today is $.10?

  14. Awesome. content James thank you, do you think it’s wise to pivot from ETH to BTC prior to the merge, or after?

  15. The more they smash the economy, the more they will have to print money to repair it. Its a broken system that can't be restored, meanwhile the debt is piling up and up. Inflation will continue as its energy based relying on world events.

  16. James, love and appreciate the insights you bring us, but PLEASE, some things are just NOT the way you guys promote them… BTC IS "NOT" A FLIGHT TO SAFETY KIND OF AN ASSET… Why? Because for us small investors there's NO point in PRESERVING that little money we have… we need our investment to GROW and hence BTC is not for us, it's a big boy's game and the institutional money is yet to come… and if I wanted safety I would have picked BNB, cos it actually has multiple utilities… just can't understand why so many are so crazy about BTC… and while you're all waiting to profit from BTC, there are AMAZING PROJECTS happening in the background, projects that actually deliver TRUE ADDED VALUE based on the services/products they provide… Don't get me wrong, I am GRATEFUL for BTC, but as it stands, BTC only moves if more money comes in/goes out… again, there are AMAZING CRYPTO PROJECTS happening, perhaps some attention should also go there… but YES, TY for all the great info you bring us 🙂

  17. They are smarter than us and most economical expert, they know the road to general income and great reset, so expecting things based on history will lead to failed forecasts

  18. I’m really not worried. All stocks I own were purchased from all time highs. I have all my crypto in cold storage. Time is on my side. All these people need to quick panicking – it will turn around at some point. If you’re under 40 you should really relax.

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