Chia News Weekly – Bram KYC Smackdown, FTX Contagion, XCH Price Prediction + more

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This was a hell of a busy week for Chia. Bram just put out a great tweet thread calling out KYC in the context of Crypto vs TradFi. We have more signs of significant contagion around the FTX implosion, and Genesis is on the chopping block. Chia price is holding steady as we get another outrageous XCH price prediction from the cat 🐱

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Genesis In Trouble –
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Crypto Profitability Tracker Chart

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Chia Earnings Sheet

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  1. Is it possible to get the email for the member discount code resent, I lost the original email. Also, can you include qty in stock so we will know how many we can purchase.

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