Bitcoin Prediction for September (Crypto Cycle Analysis)

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Bitcoin Price and Time Forecast for September 2022. Crypto Cycle Analysis and 4-Year Bitcoin Cycle Update. (Video references linked below)

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Bitcoin Price and Time Forecast for September 2022. Crypto Cycle Analysis and 4-Year Bitcoin cycle update.

Video References:
1. Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle:
2. Bitcoin Price August:

00:00 Bitcoin in September
02:21 New ATH for Bitcoin?
03:12 Bitcoin β€œWorst Months” Aug/Sep
04:29 Bitcoin Month Analysis
08:23 Bitcoin Weekly Analysis (Trading Range)
09:30 Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle (Time Analysis)
12:55 Bitcoin Monthly Analysis (Price / MA)
15:19 Bitcoin September Final Thoughts

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  1. Bitcoin Price and Time Forecast for September 2022. Are you enjoying the macro analysis on Bitcoin and crypto?
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    πŸ₯ˆ MEXC Free $1000 (Available for ALL traders) β†’
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  2. One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!




  3. ALTS: Aave, and Gala. With not much other than my interest in Gala, but much more with Aave, thanks to C-fi, D-fi should come back in an interesting way I believe.

  4. Few, if any, crypto-YouTubers will honestly analyze their previous videos. That’s because they are charlatans. Jason, you are not a charlatan, and that is why I follow your videos. Well done.

  5. Love the macro look!

    The altcoins I picked for Sept: it depends on whether we get a convincing capitulation. If we don't, then none! If we do, then some!

  6. In September, the Fed will have another rate hike, the market will go down again, but I believe token fans will still grow despite: ARS, LAZIO, BAR, RBIF, MNC,…

  7. Viewpoints:

    I think think we are looking at at least one more low/dump prior to anything bullish, probably more than one.

    Most coins that can be SHORTed on a short-term basis in this market will be worth going LONG on as a bull market forms:

    BTC, etc.

    Shorting tokens like LTC in the LTC/ BTC pair may currently be a useful way to build up a little BTC reserve.

  8. Because you asked about alts I got a trade on for ETH. I took out some profits when it hit 100% on 25x the other day then rode the volatility up and down on 5x while shorting it on the swings and will close it 100% because I'm expecting a dump. The swings were crazy. How is nobody talking about the ETH bear whale vs bull playing each other?

  9. Macro looks great on bitcoin to me. Im working overtime to buy extra at these prices now but I do think it its likely we see lower prices in the short term

  10. I believe we might have a chance of turning to the upside if we get a second month in a row of a lower inflation print on the 13th and then a 50 bps ( maybe even 75) hike at the FOMC at the end of the month as long as he sounds more dovish. We also have the eth merge which sadly I don't really think will do anything for the price AFTER the merge. Great content brother. Safe travels

  11. These monthly wraps are the most valuable content you put out imho – well done, keep it going. The rest is pretty valuable too πŸ™‚

  12. The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the word. This is still a good time to invest in various stocks gold, silver and digital currencies

  13. I think whether we see a lower or higher low is going to depend on the inflation and FED rate hike percentage. Good time to continue to DCA for the next year or so as the global macro continues to indicate continued recession or entire collapse.

  14. I don't know if you left it out on purpose, but what about other external factors like recession, inflation, rate hikes ?

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