bitcoin dump coming? | us cpi data | crypto prediction telugu

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bitcoin dump coming? | us cpi data | crypto prediction telugu

In this video we will discuss about the possible bitcoin dump in coming days and current market scenario.

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  1. Good afternoon bro
    My question s
    1. present USDT bye r not(holding parpose)
    2. మన Amount ఏపుడు zero ఔతుంది (example one MANA coin i am bye)
    3. present Binance exchange లో Staking good r bad (Staking period lo amount zero ఔతుందా)
    4. other coins which time bye

    Plz give me reply bro r video type

  2. Good CPI data…….👍Btc back to 20k in 2days. Just game between Binance and FTX done. Nothing happened to crypto

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