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The crypto world is amazingly volatile and stressful, and although incredibly colorful, it brings a lot of worries and misfortunes. Investors have to choose between attractive models that they may support and currencies that will earn them money. It isn’t easy to make a decision knowing that the value of the currency can drop without warning, so they have to choose smartly. Sometimes it is an attractive and intriguing option but not so smart in terms of investment.
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In this article, we will investigate the new meme coin called Big Eyes that is created to support the environment and all advantages and disadvantages of investing in it. However, however much we like nature, we have considered the cryptocurrency Tamadoge, which had amazing growth in a very short time and promised great rising prices in years to come and stability on the market no matter what happens.

Big Eyes price prediction
Big Eyes is a brand-new meme coin created on the Ethereum blockchain, represented as environmentally friendly crypto. It is a new model of crypto investing when buyers purchase tokens, knowing that the earnings somewhat go to charity and environmental protection. The major idea is to make Anime characters in-game, where people who like these adventures will enjoy creating and battling with other players. Creators have plans to make comic books, mascots, events, and a special line of NFT coins.

Although they promised that they had learned from the previous meme coins, like Dogecoin and ApeCoin, they have not quite improved them. More likely, they have improved only provenly good sides of them. They will create a special broader ecosystem, ranging from the DeFi system to NFT currency.

Assuming you invest in this coin, even 10% goes to charity and owners. For example, they have planned to give 5% of this part to ocean marine life. It makes the model transparent, although the final spent isn’t quite visible. It seems that the story about environmental protection has attracted a group of interested people, and tokens have raised more than $50 million in sales.

Unfortunately, it seems that after the main enthusiasm, the initial soul has splashed. The value of the currency drops by 1.25% day to day, and it ranked #6435 place on respectable records. The idea of protecting the environment obviously does not feed the value and wide interest for the currency, and the Big Eyes draws only special types of public. Even now, experts have not dared to predict the price of the tokens in years to come.

Big Eyes
For true investors, it is much more important to know that currency attracts a wide range of users, which will keep the value on top. They consider more stable and promising models, like Tamadoge, a new rocking star in the sky, which will surely blow away all similar but not promising currencies.

What is TAMA?
Tamadoge has become an amazing cryptocurrency that hit the top in a very short period. We can say that Tamadoge has a promising raise of over a million dollars in only 14 days, which makes it a rising star among currencies. The time has come to invest in this amazing currency model and become the owner of the most potential crypto for investing. Created on Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, two very popular meme coins, the currency promises success. Developers, though, went even further, resolving all issues that happened with those two currencies and creating the successful and next money-doubling meme coin.

The project embraces multiple advantages in the crypto sphere. It .


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