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Big Eyes: A Meme Coin with Excellent Price Prediction Competing with Litecoin and Pancakeswap Coins.

The bedrock of a successful crypto project relies on 3 major foundations: formidable community, exclusivity, and utility. Big Eyes Coin possesses these three crucial features, which indicate that the project is on the right track.

The fan bases of Big Eyes are increasing daily, and members are already broadcasting the goodwill of the project. The increased community of Big Eyes results from the project’s several utilities.

As part of its goal of providing essential human services worldwide, the Big Eyes team contributes to several noble causes. In some ways, Big Eyes has been fulfilling this goal during its ongoing presale period.

Within this period, Big Eyes has used its platform to support several charities globally. Big Eyes has already donated to four reputable charity foundations with plans to support more.

Essentially, the core architecture of Big Eyes is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network. Hosting the Big Eyes project on the Ethereum network is to provide users with an excellent experience as they explore its ecosystem.

Some existing blockchain projects faced technical limitations like scalability, congestion, throughput, and security lapses. Big Eyes chose the Ethereum network as its host to avoid those problems on its platform.

Additionally, all projects on the Ethereum network, including Big Eyes, enjoy more optimized services. The optimization results from the successful Ethereum merge that occurred a few weeks ago.

The Ethereum merge will ensure that Big Eyes fulfills its plan of providing users with scalable, swift, and secure operations. Big Eyes can also boast of mining activities with reduced energy consumption in its ecosystem.

The utility currency powering the Big Eyes economy is BIG, an Ethereum-based coin compliant with the ERC-20 standard. The ideal position for the BIG token is to be among the most sought-after coins in the future. Plans to accomplish this are already in motion by the Big Eyes team.

Litecoin is a non-custodial peer-to-peer crypto project that works similarly to Bitcoin. Due to its unique cryptographic algorithm, many have dubbed Litecoin as the updated version of Bitcoin. People utilize Litecoin to execute cross-border transactions, make payments, and store value.

Pancakeswap offers numerous advantages over its competitors. For instance, the platform interface requires no complex training for beginners. Pancakeswap also guarantees anonymous, fast, and cheap transactions on its exchange.

Pancakeswap includes several earning options for users’ leverage. Its native currency is CAKE, a BEP-20 token that powers the Pancakeswap economy.

Method to acquire the Big Eyes utility token during its presale
The presale of the BIG token is a


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  1. Bullshit. 200 billion tokens x 3$ = 600 billion marketcap. Of you really believe this then you are out of your mind or you just don't know what you say

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